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The gambling industry is bigger then ever at the moment, you can gamble from your computer, iPhone, android phone and from almost every tablet out on the market. The gambling websites adapts quicker then you think.

let us explain a bit about the online casino history and the overall history of gambling.

Gambling with real money or valuable things such as jeweler or houses even family members had its start for a very very long time ago. Today we do live in a modern time and we use the internet a few hours per day. As today, you can gamble from your bed if you want to, it have not always been like this and that why i would like to explain the history of gambling for you. How did it start? How did it work? and how did it really look like before? If you are interested in reading this, keep on reading and you will have a few minutes of reading in front of you. http://www.ebranding.me/

Land based Casinos

When we think of land based casinos, we start to think of Las Vegas, the party, the crowd and everything around it. However it haven’t always been looking like that. Especially since casinos started for more then 1000 years ago, exactly when the first casino opened  is pretty hard to tell because this is something that allot of people are arguing about. One reason for this is that people have a hard time to define what is exactly a casino, if we should count in all the forms of places where people have been meeting and gambled for real money we will have to go back all the way back to the old Greeks that played craps, as well in China there has been evidence of gambling between all different kind of people. 


The worlds first modern Casino.

If we instead start to focus on the modern casino, as we fantasies it to be today, then we actually have a date of the first real casino, it started 1638, this casino was started in the town Venedig in Italy, they had gambling as its only income, and due to that we can say that this is the first real land based casino, this was a legal place where players was offered to gamble with money on a few craps games. The casino was named Ridotto. 

Casino Ridotto

Old but popular games. 


Today when we think of a casino we think of games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker, but back in the days these games was not invented yet, instead you could play a game called BiriBI this game was similar to a lottery game and a card game by the name of Basetta. The game Basetta was a high stakes game where the pay outs was huge and the losses big. That´s why this game became the best one for wealthy people. Biribi on the other hand was a game with less chances of winning but bigger payouts if you could hit the right number. 


Casinos way into Sweden. 

Even in Sweden gambling became popular way back and the first Casino was open already in 1700. But already in the 1800 gambling became illegal in Sweden, exactly the same thing happen in Usa at that time, however the Swedes that still wanted to play had to go to less exclusive casinos and Neighborhoods to place bets illegally. Today you can visit land based casinos in Sweden in Malmö, Stockholm, Göteborg and Sundsvall. In these locations the does the company “Svensks Spel” that is owned by the government operate 4 land based casinos. The first one opened up in 19 99. 

“Interesting for Nerds”


1995 became a milestone in the history of Online Gambling. This year the first online casino was launched and it started out very good for the casino even when the internet was relative new at this time. There was a small amount of games that was available but still this was a huge step forward. The public was amazed of this but they also had there concerns. It took some years before online gambling because a more regular thing to do. 


The first online casinos had allot of bugs, terrible designs and ugly websites out there and the biggest issue was the payment solutions. Gambling online quickly became know for un-secure transactions and security failure. This image happened to stick to the online gambling for a long time until the tech catches up and became better.


A question for the Lawyers. 


At the same time it became a law question as well, Casinos online was something the Government wanted to control and they did not want it to go hammock on the internet. In the ending of 1990 more and more people opened up their interest for online casinos, now it was no longer only for nerds, actually who ever that wanted to play online could do it, it was fun and could be very giving when winning. This made people se the opportunity to make money in this industry, for example the game developer Microgaming already started creating games 1994 and they where the first ones to create these games. 2 years later the game developer Net Ent opened up and today they are one of the most popular game providers out there. 


MMA odds

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Sure its lucky that things develops, and now that internet is so popular allot of apps and websites are being developed all around the world. People can also share the same interests without traveling all around the World. Play Casino is one of those things, but as with most good things, they all come with a back side. There is not all people that can handle gambling in a mature and healthy way. We can gamble and win/lose money whenever we want, there is no doors that will close down at 21:00 a online casino is opened 24/7 everyday of the year. Due to that we would like to give some tips when it comes to gambling. To read more about odds tips check this out.

  1. Never play for more money then you can afford to lose.
  2. If you are feeling a addiction there is multiple help lines that can help you out. this one for example- https://www.begambleaware.org/

With this we would like to wish you the best of Luck when gambling.