Swedish Gambling licens

In the beginning of 2019 there will be a totally new gambling world in Sweden. First of January there will come a new License in place for every online casino that want to operate in the Swedish market. This license will be Similar to the one in the UK.


Licensed casino.

Every Online Casino will have to get the Swedish license to target the Swedish Players, the Swedish market is one of the biggest ones in Europe. If a Casino does not apply for this license they wont be able to operate with their online Casino in Sweden after 1 of January 2019. The Casino brands operating in Sweden without a gaming license will be fined. if you as a player chooses a Casino without the Swedish license you will have to pay taxes on all your winnings in your Declaration,  as of before all gambling winnings made from a Casino with an EU license was tax free. The only way to not pay tax is to play on one of the casinos with the Swedish license, we believe there only will be a hand full of Swedish Casinos left in the Swedish market after the first of January. 


Tax Rules. 

This new license that comes into place is a real money maker for the Swedish Government. The Online Casinos operating in Sweden will have to pay 18 % tax on their net win per yer. This is a big difference for allot of brands as they usually have their license in Malta where they only pay 5 % in tax.

Another big difference for the Casino brands is that they can operate legally in Sweden, there is no need to have the entire office down in Malta. Most of the Casinos will apply for the new License, how ever the Swedish Government will only choose a hand full of brands. This will make all the “un serious” brands disappear. We expect alot of brands in the gambling industry to either get bought up by bigger brands or they will have to look for new markets if Sweden is their biggest one. In worst case we belief there will be alot of brands closing down.

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