Bank Wire

Bank wire trough a Online Casino might be one of the safest ways to deposit money into a casino with. Usally this wire transfers take less then 1 hour.This deposit method give you a higher risk of not falling into gambling addiction due to that the deposit method is super safe.

How does Bank Wire work?

Bank Wire works in the sence of that when you are making your first deposit into a online casino you will transfer the money directly from your bank account into the online casino. Below you can follow or steps on how to make a bank transfer to your player account.

  1.  When you enter your player account there will be a “deposit” button available, after pressing this option you can choose bank wire as your deposit method. This will create a virtual invoice, this contain the details for the casino. It will include the account type and who to send the money to. It will also contain a account number.
  2. With these details you can now start your bank wire transfer and be one step closer to making your first bet in the casino.
  3. The most simple way is to open up your internet bank and do the transfer from there.
  4. It also works to make your bank wire manually or by phone. When doing this you are limited to the banks opening hours, this can mean that you will have to wait longer before you can place your first bet. If you are beeing offered a “no deposit bonus” you can start playing right away. After playing with your no deposit bonus you can make your own deposit and start playing.


Withdrawal of winnings trough Bank wire.

Even if you dont make your deposit trough Bank Wire, this is the best method to use when making a withdrawal, this is due to that transfer with Bank Wire is one of the safest ones to use.

The safetey is so important that we  dont care if this take a few more days, but you should also consider that a bank wire transfer could cost some money to make.

Bank wire at Casinos from another country.


You should consider that there is other currencys out in the world and especially if you are going to make your deposit in a foreign casino. If you for example are going to make your deposit in Dollar or Euro, you will first need to change the currency of your bank wire. This will be a small cost for you that will decrease your winnings in the casino, the best is to play in a UK casino that will offer you GBP when making your deposit.

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